About Me


An accredited International News Syndicate (INS) freelance journalist and media pass holder looking to produce and publish printed, online and offline content, to attend press events and exhibitions or where needed general editorial support.

I focus on the world of double lifers who enjoy the very best of city and country living while cherry-picking some of the more affordable commodities and experiences from natural history to travel, combining contemporary luxury and hand-crafted bespoke goods. I am a highly adaptable, motivated and responsible individual who can also offer further unique services, such as, reporting on arts and entertainments, food and drinks, music and sport, fashion and accessories beside many other relevant features or interviews as required. I posses an eclectic knowledge and gregarious spirit having worked with an array of charities, national organizations to international companies working autonomously or as part of a team and appealing to both enthusiast and professional audiences.

I can cover a wide variety of topics accurately and succinctly, portraying my candour, wit and warmth, while remaining informative and inclusive without resorting to sensationalism and technical jargon in my articles, reviews and stories.